Collin Hoffman


Collin lives and breathes fitness, proper nutrition, and athleticism. A
proven motivator, coach, and educator, Collin specializes in taking the
guess-work out of training. If you have ever played team sports, or more
broadly, ever struggled alone to break through a fitness plateau, for
instance trying to reach a goal weight or performance milestone, you
already know how importance of training as a group, and the positive impact
an experienced coach can make.

A major proponent of progressive training throughout each camp, and
challenging the nervous system as much as the cardiovascular and
musculoskeletal systems, Collin insists on training in the sand. He has
found that it provides the perfect combination of low impact AND high
intensity. The sand is much easier on the joints than any gym floor, and at
the same time, it adds a level of intensity to even the most basic
exercises. Because of that, Collin’s classes tend to draw a highly varied
population, from those working through post-rehab and anyone who is new to
training and currently deconditioned, to the weekend warriors and fitness
enthusiasts, all the way to elite athletes who typically feel restrained by
group classes. He maximizes the group’s potential by his ability to adapt
the workouts to the individual’s strengths and limitations.

Collin is also a nationally recognized authority on sport specific strength
and conditioning, coaches lacrosse at a local high school and university,
and still finds time to play himself (he’s a member of the Grand Rapids
Dragonfish, a CILL box lacrosse team). And speaking of Grand Rapids, Collin
proves that Michiganders are more than capable of surfing. In fact, you’ll
typically find him out on his board when he’s not running classes on the

Scott Mecham


Scott Mecham – Is a Personal Trainer located in the greater Los Angeles area. Scott is a high energy trainer whose passion is working with obese children and adults. He desires to see people of all ages and backgrounds improve their quality of life through nutrition and exercise. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge along with a passion for helping others reach their potential goals and overcome hurdles. He has the ability to adapt training sessions to challenge the beginner or motivate his most advanced clients to reach their goals. Scott’s mission is to empower his clients with the tools to make health, fitness and wellness a permanent and enjoyable part of their lives.
Scott combines his knowledge of health and fitness, strong work ethic and ability to motivate to bring consistent results to his clients.
Specialties – Strength Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Weight Loss, Childhood Obesity and Weight Management, Weight related illnesses (i.e., Metabolic Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, etc.) and Specialized Program Design.

-NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
-California Healing Arts College Personal Fitness Training Program
-Specialized Training: Kinesiology/Anatomy/Nutrition/Program Design
-American Heart Association (AHA) – CPR/AED Certified

Arek Long


Arek Long MA, CSCS is a NESTA Certified Boot Camp Instructor. He has over ten years of industry experience including nutritional consulting, group fitness and personal training, as well as extensive strength and conditioning experience ranging from middle and high school to collegiate and professional athletes. He is also a NSCA-CSCS certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, an AFAA certified Personal Trainer, NFPT certified Nutrition Specialist, and a certified USA Track & Field Coach. Arek has a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from East Carolina University where he specialized in strength and conditioning for team sports. Specifically, he has implemented the strength and conditioning programs for 12 intercollegiate teams as well as assisting with the strength and conditioning program for the 2004 Summer Games at the US Olympic Training Center in San Diego. (more…)

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