Stay Hydrated

Every system in the body depends on water. Next to oxygen, you could make a pretty good argument that water is the most important nutrient. Think about it. How long do you think a human could survive without eating vegetables? Several decades, right? How about if they... read more

How To Measure Your Resting Heart Rate

There are several locations on your body to measure your pulse. For our purposes we’re going to measure the radial pulse. As the photo shows, you’ll find your radial pulse just below the bones of your wrist on the thumb-side of your forearm. Be sure you... read more

The Right Shoes For Boot Camp

Trail Running Shoes – Ask for them by name. This type of running shoe may look like any other from the top, but its sturdy design and aggressive tread sets it apart. And that’s exactly what you’ll need to maintain grip on grass and trail in boot... read more

What To Do About A Dirty Mat

There’s probably some fancy alpaca-hair yoga mat out there that requires more specialized care then this, but for the rest of us, just throw it in the wash. Use whichever cycle you run your workout clothes through. And as for drying, I hang my mat over the porch... read more