Arek Long MA, CSCS is a NESTA Certified Boot Camp Instructor. He has over ten years of industry experience including nutritional consulting, group fitness and personal training, as well as extensive strength and conditioning experience ranging from middle and high school to collegiate and professional athletes. He is also a NSCA-CSCS certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, an AFAA certified Personal Trainer, NFPT certified Nutrition Specialist, and a certified USA Track & Field Coach. Arek has a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from East Carolina University where he specialized in strength and conditioning for team sports. Specifically, he has implemented the strength and conditioning programs for 12 intercollegiate teams as well as assisting with the strength and conditioning program for the 2004 Summer Games at the US Olympic Training Center in San Diego.

Arek’s passion for exercise demonstrates that genetics does not have to be a barrier to being in shape. Arek was born with multiple heart defects and doctors told his parents that he would be a sickly child and unable to withstand strenuous exercise. Well he has proved them all wrong. As a scholar athlete in college, he was captain of his university’s cycling team and heavily involved with the student athletic board. Since then, Arek has competed all over the country in various marathons and endurance events ranging from the humblest of road races to the most epic of adventure races and even an Ironman Triathlon. In the near future, Arek and his wife hope to make it to France to ride the Tour de France route before the race.

Surprisingly, Arek post-college actually began as a stock-broker, until the day he realized that work was what he did in between workouts and decided to do something about it. Two years later, with a Master’s Degree, he found his calling in personal training.

Arek is a former Director of Education for California Healing Arts College where among other things, he instructed personal trainers in courses such as Human Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, and Program Design. He became interested in boot-camps after his wife complained that she couldn’t afford his personal training rates!

Arek is not an extremist when it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle; all things in moderation. But he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge along with a passion for helping others reach their goals and overcome hurdles. If you have ever thought that you just could not get into shape, let Arek help prove you wrong the way he proved those doctors wrong all those years ago!