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We all have heard about the latest Paleo diet craze. The caveman diet. The hunter-gather diet. And after reflecting on my daily eating habits, I noticed I was eating Paleo-esque and I wasn’t even trying to. Now, I’m not advocating cutting out grains and gluten completely. After all, I’m Italian and I couldn’t give up pasta to save my life. But being mindful of the amount of grains you consume and cutting back is the first step. Here are 5 simple habits to start incorporating into your daily routine NOW. And in the future, if you choose to follow a strict Paleo diet it will be a lot easier to follow.

1.When snacking, reach for nuts. When hunger strikes it’s important to reach for healthy options, it will trick your brain to crave these foods in the future.

2. Just say no to sugar. When ordering your morning coffee just say no to any extra sugar. It may be hard to eliminate sugar completely from your diet, so start by not adding any extra sugar on anything you consume.

3. Eliminate dairy. Again, this may be hard at first but start by replacing milk with almond milk or coconut milk. You’ll find that it tastes a lot better too.

4. Eat your protein. When planning out meals for dinner always include meat, fowl, fish or seafood as your entree.

5. Get in the pattern of passing on processed foods. And your body will thank you.